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Ciera's extended family, dogs in need of a forever home

Welcome to our ~ Rescue ~ Rehab ~ Rehome page. As I have mentioned previously I love all dogs. I am also very concerned that all dogs especially our beloved Bull Breeds have an opportunity for a loving and caring forever home, become a Canine Good Citizens and help show the community that Responsible Dog Ownership is the most important key to community canine success and safety! I also wish to encourage everyone to find a place in your own community to help shelter dogs. Many shelters are open to volunteers and many local rescue groups have training programs and can guide you in the right direction. Depending on your time available and experience and desire there can be something for anyone. If you are a dog lover or dog owner or wish to be involved in your community this can be a rewarding start.

Not every dog that I work with is on this page. Some are with New Hope Animal Foundation. We take the job training and rehoming shelter dogs very seriously. We want you and the rescued dog to be successful so there will be an approval process that can take up to 2 weeks to finalize. We put a lot of training and work in to every dog and we are prepared to make sure you and all family members are a good match for your new family member and that you are set up for success!

You can choose from the Rescues by Category below to view rescues who are currently Available for Adoption or those who have already been adopted. If you are interested in being considered as a potential adoptive parent, please see the form located at the bottom of the page. You can also visit

If you find that you can no longer keep your dog it is important to understand that your dog’s best chance is you.   Here is what you should do and in this order:

  1. Contact the breeder or rescue group where you got the dog.  They should help you find a new home or take the dog back. 
  2. Contact the Pure Breed Rescue Groups locally and nationally for your breed.
  3. Lastly look for an area resource that lists rescues and shelters like this one:  Area Rescue and Shelter Resources or one that offers advice like Bad Rap

If you would like to try to rehome your dog on your own please check out my suggestions.  So you need to rehome a dog?
There is no quick fix and no substitute for putting in the effort to find a good home.  If you must go to the shelter bring all your health records, and other documents you have on the dog.   If the dog graduated from obedience class bring the certificate.   You never know what might save your dog’s life at a shelter. 

Adoption Inquiry

If you are interested in being considered as a potential adoptive parent or would like to contact us to inquire about a rescue bull listed here, please fill out the application for adoption and email to: Thank you for your support of this wonderful breed! We look forward to hearing from you.