July 20, 2018 - Puppies at partner breeder Willaby Staffords. Daphne's has grand babies!! A beautiful litter of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pups was born June 7th, 2018. There are currently male puppies available. Please complete the application below to start dialogue about this litter. They will be ready to go to their homes soon! Check out www.willabystaffords.com

Elsa: MBISS RBIS GCHG Ciera Homebrewed Born Free CGCA RATN - SBTCA Top Stafford 2015 & 2016, Top Female 2017 - CHIC # 110673 L2-HGA DNA, Hereditary Cataracts DNA, CERF Normal, OFA Hips Fair, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Patella Normal, Cardiac Clear

Louie: CH Eclypstaff Cuz I Can L2-HGA Clear by Parentage, Hereditary Cataracts Clear by Parentage, PHPV/PPSC Unaffected - 2015 Crufts Dog CC & Best of Breed

We do not breed often but we consider having puppies a great adventure. We are always thinking of new ways to enjoy the pups and set them up for success in their new homes. No matter who, what, where, when, or how you choose a puppy, do your homework on the breed, the breeder, and how the puppies are raised. I am always happy to help you start the research process. My favorite line is "it's what happens after you take the puppy home that matters most". We and a network of other breeders want to ensure that everything about your new family member is a good experience from the moment you take the puppy home to the day you say good bye.

Brutus x Daphne 2010We treat each one of our puppies as if we will keep them as a beloved pet for the rest of their life and so this is why we have decided to follow Puppy Culture Protocols. From early Neurological stimulation to potty training, to using the critical imprint periods to our advantage we have found that Puppy Culture puppies are extremely well adjusted and go to their new homes with manners, some basic training, less fearful of new obstacles and experiences, and almost potty trained. The Puppy Culture program is 12 weeks long so new owners can carry on the last weeks of exercises at home. A major benefit of the Puppy Culture program is that new owners can watch the DVD to see the exact process we are going thru week by week and then carry on the next weeks in their own home with their new puppy. We highly reccomend picking up a copy of Puppy Culture in the beginning of your search so that you are not only prepared for your new pup you will also start to learn what a good breeder is and what rearing an enrichment seeking, problem solving puppy is all about and why you should want these qualities in your dog. To learn more about Puppy Culture Protocols click on the banner above or any Puppy Culture logo on this website.

As you can see we do take rearing our puppies with great concern for their future therefore we put the same effort into choosing homes. As a result we require some information prior to replying to your interest in a puppy. This information is to help us start a dialogue and to ensure you are a fit for a Ciera Puppy. We also require a purchase contract prior to taking a puppy home. This contract will ensure we are all on the same page and have established what a good quality of life is for our puppies as they grow up and mature. Our contract is by no means a way to make life with your new pet difficult and we want a successful transition for all parties. The most important thing to remember in our contract is that Ciera Staffords is here for all new owners thru the life of the Ciera Dog should we be needed for any reason.

Additionally, we wish to stay part of our puppies lives by hearing about them from time to time and receiving pictures via email. Since the long term results of our litters are very important to us we ask that you stay in touch particularly to know how they grow up and if there are any health issues, serious or not. We are particularly interested in health, temperament, overall balance, bite, tail set and carriage and ears and honestly any little thing is good to know. We treat all puppies as equals but consider some show prospects. If you desire a show prospect but do not wish to show your new dog, we will be happy to help you. Please understand purchasing a Ciera pup is like getting a new family member and that means we will be part of your extended family. If you wish to purchase a dog and run, then a Ciera pup is not for you.

Please complete this form if you are serious about getting a Stafford puppy from Ciera Staffords or wish to be referred to other breeders. If you are looking for more information, please send an email to Lorelei Craig

Having said this, once there is a litter of pups available, there are often times more requests than puppies and we become VERY busy taking care of puppies. We are generally very good with communication but if overwhelmed we may not be able to get back to everyone timely or at all. Please bear with us and feel free to pester us for an answer. There is a saying "the squeaky hinge gets the grease".

Temporarily Turned Off - Inquiries about puppies

Are you interested in.. a Male or Female?
..a Companion, a Show Prospect, a Performance Prospect or Other?
Please Explain
How long have you considered a Stafford?
Where have you learned and researched about Staffords?
What are the primary qualities that you want in a Stafford?
How does a Stafford fit your lifestyle?
Please list all family members and other pets that would live with your Stafford.
Please describe the living arrangements (indoor and outdoor) and time spent alone, with family, exercise, etc.
What other animals have you owned and for how long?
What would be a #1 concern about owning a Stafford?
Do you live in an area that has Breed Specific Legislation?(Yes/No)
Do you live in an area that has mandantory Spay and Nueter laws?(Yes/No)
Are you aware that some insurance companies exclude certain breeds of dogs?(Yes/No)
Is there anything else you would like us to know or do you have any questions for us?

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