Gallery of Current and Past Dogs

Ciera's Extended Family

As stated before, we treat every dog like a member of the family. So here are pictures and profiles of some of Ciera's family, both past and present. We hope that you will enjoy this gallery.


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Yanni handling DaphneGCH Homebrewed Page Three Girl (Daphne)

Daphne is nothing short of delightful. She ended the 2010 show year as #5 Stafford in the Country and #3 female and is #1 Stafford in the country based on breed points earned as of April 2011.

While at her home, Daphne enjoys catching discs and attempting to catch Koi from the pond. She also recently experienced her first snow.

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Hali at 10 years oldHali-Baba Hammerhead (Hali)

Hali is pointed toward a championship title. She is a charming and delightful companion. I quit showing her as she was below standard for height and weight (Height: 11.5" Weight: 18lbs.) She was always a huge attraction at dog shows and I still bring her around from time to time.

Hali was born 5/25/99. She looks awesome and shows little to no sign of slowing down. Hali's favorite thing to do is lay on the deck in the sunshine and look for cookies. Hali has a malformed larynx (not laryngeal Paralysis) and has had surgery in the fall of 2008 to remove polyps to help her breath. Other than occasionally becoming winded from over exertion she is in excellent health. I wish I could clone this dog!!

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Bodie BOW September 3 2011Kleingaul's Free Spirit (Bodie)

Bodie is a Schipperke born January 7, 2006 and was an impulse buy in the best way. He has turned out to be an important part of the Ciera Family. Bodie amazed everyone by winning BOW and a 4 point major at GCKC in Grass Valley CA Sept 3rd 2011 under Judge Alvin Krause.

Schipperkes are known to be good watchdogs and although he won't take anyone down or scare a cat he is an excellent early warning sentry on the property. Make no mistake when Bodie barks, we listen. Bodie is very social and a friend to all children, adults, cats, and other dogs. Bodie is also constant companion to Daphne. They are an odd couple but fast friends.

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Other members of the Ciera family may not currently be in the spotlight but hold a special place in our hearts.

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The Original TazziThe Original Tazzi: circa 1980

Tazzi was an APBT owned by my boyfriend. She was red and wiggly and loving just like our Staffords. She went with us everywhere including a week long horse trek in Northern California where she proceeded to chase the horses all over the paddock and we consequently had to leave her with the Outfitters while we traveled thru the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

EttoDockette AKA Etto: 1984 to 1996

Etto was from working dog lines. She was an Australian Shepherd. She was as close a pal as I could have had while I worked AT Pomeroy Cutting Horse Ranch. She was extremely serious and took it hard when I would go away. She was my Teddy Bear and I will always remember her.

Dino BOB Puppy 6-9 monthsCH Dino-Tello Hammerhead (Dino)

Dino won BOB from the 6-9 pup class at my first show in many years and his first show. Although there was not a big entry, there were 3 in the classes and 3 specials. We were surprised and speechless. I was back in the sport.

Dino left us too soon at just over 10 years old. Dino had a true Bully spirit and he was a clown that kept us laughing. I remember a time when a bird landed on the ground in front of him and quicker than a wink he grabbed it and ate it. I was in shock, but got over it.

Dino was more than a super special dog. He was a clown and a companion to Richard Navone.. (more..)

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